SCO experts discuss joint action to counter infectious diseases

On 16 June, experts from the SCO member-states’ sanitary and epidemiological welfare services held an online meeting as part of Russia’s chairmanship of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation. Taking part were all SCO member states as well as observer states and dialogue partners.

The discussion focused on working out joint measures to counter the threats of epidemics and infectious diseases in the SCO space. In this context, the participants emphasised the importance of developing a unified regional early warning system that would provide infection alerts using agreed approaches and algorithms.

The participants also had an in-depth discussion of the draft Comprehensive Plan of Joint Actions of SCO Member States in the Sphere of Epidemiology developed by Russia in accordance with the SCO member states’ Statement on Joint Counteraction of Epidemic Threats in the SCO Region (Qingdao, 10 June 2018).