Interbank cooperation within the SCO to be discussed during a videoconference

On 23-24 April, the SCO Interbank Consortium Seminar chaired by VEB.RF development institute head Igor Shuvalov will take place via videoconference. In addition to the Consortium members, representatives of banks from observer countries and dialogue partners of the Organisation will also take part in the meeting.

Participants in the Seminar will discuss the experience of using public-private partnerships (PPP) in infrastructure projects. They will also assess the potential challenges to the PPP market of the SCO countries and ways of dealing with them.

The discussion will also focus on increasing the role of national currencies in operations between the SCO member states, measures to support national bank regulators to promote deposits and account settlement in the SCO countries’ currencies, as well as practical aspects of using national currencies in international trade, lending and investment.

A separate session will be devoted to the participation of SCO development institutes in shaping the urban environment.